When you are asked to draw up a wishlist, you know that Christmas is nearing. Lately, I have never looked at my household the same way I ...

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

When you are asked to draw up a wishlist, you know that Christmas is nearing.

Lately, I have never looked at my household the same way I did. So my wishlist this year will be home appliances, and what better place can I get these appliances but from De'Longhi.

1. Dehumidier

Features of De'Longhi's dehumidifier I most appreciate are:
Electronic shut-off timer up to 8 h
"Tank Control System": the unit automatically stops when the tank is full
SWING function: 3-position oscillating louvers to optimize the air distribution
Very noiseless operation: only 34 dB(A)!
Clothes drying function: removes up to 6 l/d at any temperature 

I dislike humid and musty environments thus the need for a dehumidier. According to ExplainThatStuff.com, whether you have a damp problem with your building (rising or penetrating damp) or your moisture comes from cooking or drying laundry inside (condensation), the result can be a horrible musty smell, mold growing on your walls (and on your clothes), and a greater risk of respiratory illness. It can take time to sort out a major damp problem so what do you do in the meantime? One solution is to invest in a dehumidifier: an electric gadget that removes moisture from the air.

The De’Longhi Gelataio prepares real rich and creamy Italian ice-cream thanks to its advanced cooling system. As in the professional machines, the product has its own cooling freezer mechanism with built in compressor and refrigeration. All the basic components are designed to guarantee excellent results and reliability.

My family just love gelato! And with this we can have it anytime we want to.  

Sfornatutto Pangourmet is a compact, fan-assisted oven for everyday use. With 6 cooking functions including fan-assisted, traditional and grill functions, it is perfect for making tasty first courses, delicious second courses and amazing desserts every day: ideal for everyday use and to enhance your cooking experience.

One of my favorite childhood memories is the scent of freshly baked bread in my grandparents' kitchen almost every 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I remember we would always have snacks midday and mid afternoon every day. And we would have different kinds of snacks--banana fritters, doughnuts, porridge, or bread--and always paired with hot milk. 

I should start making these same memories in my own home, lol!

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