About M E I K a H

I call myself 'a mom in midlife' to point to an interesting phase of my life.

Interesting doesn't necessarily mean all success and no failures. I won't be alive minus those opposites, right? Rather, I see midlife as a time when I should know better and am more confident to share about parenting, motherhood, being a wife, a woman, and a daughter; about making several career choices, pursuing passions, and dealing with change.

Success is still nebulous to me. I have still not clearly defined it because this is what success to me:
  • Walking the path with my Lord.
  • Kids finished with college and are earning their keep 
  • Financial freedom, which means debt-free and savings and investments, and not just earning big from work
  • Being able to pay forward and give back. 
Meanwhile, I enjoy writing and telling stories. I will be happy to write your stories for you. These stories may be in the form of reviews or advertorials. But these stories must be honest and aim to inform. If you, my dear readers, get entertained in the process, then I'll be happier.

I have been writing on the Web for 9 years. I started with Multiply.com, but got into serious blogging with Blogger. I created mamaisworking. blogspot.com and last year, I bought the domain name mamaisworking.com. STOP! Don't click on both links as I lost the domain names to somebody else a few days after my auto-renew failed. The hurt and frustration of losing my domain name and the opportunities that go along with it  got drowned in the toxicity of my life. Thus, this blog came about. I guess it is time to turn a new chapter in my life.

I do have other spaces on the Web, which you can visit. Please do. I talk about fashion and style on Mom on Fashion here brandsforgrabs.blogspot.com and about everything else at amonthestreets.com. I talk about grammar and usage at misssuage.blogspot.com. I also maintained business blogs -- sixsig.info and custserv.gbwatch.com, and just this year left them and started my own business blog, processesatwork.com.

So, you see, writing is my form of catharsis. Do email me at mommeikah@gmail.com if you need my writing services.

More about me HERE.

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