When Hilary Clinton was once asked why she stood by Bill amidst the Monica Lewinsky scandal, she said something like, Bill was the on...

Conversations with the Husband


When Hilary Clinton was once asked why she stood by Bill amidst the Monica Lewinsky scandal, she said something like, Bill was the only person I could talk to, and once we started talking many years ago, we never stopped.

That statement never leaves me because I can relate to that "talking part" (and thankfully not to the scandal. Ha ha!)  

It's the same with Wizheart and me. We have never stopped talking since day one.  

We would exchange stories all the time---all the more when we are apart---may they be about our work (we would even do each other's work assignments!), our hobbies, our travels, our kids, our finances, our favorite food/books/movies/music, our dreams, practically just about everything. There was one time, when the kids were still toddlers that they would tell us to stop talking and giggling because they were going to sleep already.  

Last Valentine's Day, we went on our first dinner date of the year, and suddenly we realized that we couldn't remember when the last time we dated. We thought long and hard and agreed that we didn't date for about a year! 

You see, we used to go on dinner dates at least once a month, or have breakfast and dinner together at home, or squeeze lunch together on workdays. Our favorite was having breakfast over newspaper reading during Sundays. But since, even Saturday nights are eaten up by what-have-you, we don't get to do it anymore. I couldn't remember the last time we had that time together, too. I guess the daily grind wore us down, and, yeah, we missed it. 

So, during that dinner, we happily talked about our current life---and well, this time, we talked mostly about his work as there will be changes around it in the coming months. 

Who goes on a Valentine's Day dinner date and talk about Six Sigma, and enjoy every minute of it? Us! Ha ha! If the next-table couple were eavesdropping, they would probably wonder what we were talking about  as we discuss champions v project managers, DMAIC v PDC, process maps, and statistical probabilities way into the late evening. But that's how diverse our topics of conversations are. 
Well, these conversations with the husband,  they always rescue me from a bad day. When things are bad in the office, or my day isn't going well, I will just look forward to the end of the day knowing he will be there, and we will share stories about our day. Even if I am in my worst mood, I always end up laughing my lungs out because of his antics.

To be able to converse with your husband to me is an important ingredient in a marriage. I cannot imagine living with someone whom you can't converse or you always think of things to talk about.

My husband and I are blessed to always have conversations to share with.

I see the same bond with my parents.

If you're in a relationship right now, do you have a good communication with you partner?

Can you (literally) talk about anything and everything under the sun?

If yes, then fight for that kind of relationship and nurture it every day.

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  1. Despite being an OFW family, my husband and I make sure that we talk to each other everyday. Thank goodness for technology talaga. :)

    1. Yes, technology has made it possible to be more connected. :)

  2. Indeed, it is a blessing to find someone you can easily converse and talk to. I such a talker and I cannot imagine being with someone you are not comfortable to talk to about anything under the sun. I guess part of what makes the relationship tick and lasts is the bond you create as you talk with each other for hours on end. Yes, conversations at the end of the day is such a joy to look forward.

    1. Yes, you are right. We are blessed to have that kind relationship with our husbands, di ba> ;)

  3. I have many quarrels with my husband but I end up talking to him and even being on his side when bad things turn even bad. It is becuase, yes, he is such a joy to talk with. He shares his ideologies and crazy plans, can even be a real sensible partner and even provide humor.

    1. Ha ha, yes... quarrels are spice of married life, di ba? As long as at the end of it, you will still be talking haha


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