20 December 2016 | Bellevue Hotel, Alabang I didn't have a debut (party) when I turned 18 because I was in university and away from...

Debut at Bellevue Hotel Alabang

20 December 2016 | Bellevue Hotel, Alabang

I didn't have a debut (party) when I turned 18 because I was in university and away from home. I just had a tall round torte cake from a restaurant in Vinzon's Hall to celebrate with a few classmates and friends.

So, I was really happy when Wizheart took me to a bar with dancing and booze on our debut last month. We had a fun time remembering our BF-GF days when we went out almost every night to meetings that ended with drinking and some dancing and singing, LOL.

20 December 2016 | Vue Bar, Bellevue Hotel Alabang
He had beer. I had sangria. :)

Yes, we turned 18 with our hearts filled with love and gratefulness.

I still remember the time I realized that he was the one for me. How did I know? One word: safe. I felt strongly that everything will be fine in my world if I ended up with him. I was right!

So, when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. We went into the marriage in our later years (I was 29, and he was 42) but still with no set goals in mind--or at least for me. What I was thinking then was that after our wedding day, I could finally go on trips with him without worrying about my parents waiting or wishing for me to be home at a specific time before midnight or a little after midnight, lol.

22 December 1998 | On to Pearl Farm, Davao
21 December 1998, we spent the night at Insular Hotel Davao, now Waterfront Hotel Davao, before crossing to Pearl Farm

That was exactly what happened after our wedding day. From Iligan, we hied off to Pearl Farm Davao for our honeymoon, then to Iloilo, then to Manila and settled down here.

We were very happy being together, and we prayed every day that we would be blessed with that togetherness for the rest of our lives. To this day, we are each other's best friend.

But the Lord God has other plans for us--better plans, in fact.

He blessed us with two boys, both kindhearted, good looking, and smart.

Our first born. 
20 December 2016 | Attending a debut at Bellevue Manila Alabang, thus the choice of staycation.

With our second son.
20 December 2016 | Checking in at Bellevue Manila Alabang

When I look at these two grown up boys, I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed and proud. I just feel so blessed to be the mother of these two wonderful boys. And how did they grow up that big? Ha ha

Then the Lord blessed us with a house--a home of our own with a matching car to call our own. We didn't really plan on acquiring any more property because I have a house in Iligan, Wizheart has a house in Iloilo, and other properties. A good portion of our 13th month would go to real taxes at the end of the year. But an opportunity to buy a townhouse came along, and besides, we see our boys settling here in Manila (while Wizheart and I would most likely be retiring in Siquijor, Iloilo, Iligan, or even in Cebu), so we thought, might as well, get a house for the kiddos.

As if He couldn't bless us enough, for the past two to three years, the Lord helped us pay off 70% of our debts, which ballooned when my own income took a huge dive about three years ago. Good thing we have made fund investments (with protection) years before. If not for those investments, we would be hard-pressed to pay for the tuition of our first-born who is taking his Senior High in a big university. Plus a bonus of some inheritance.

There is a lot to celebrate. So, we surprised the kids with a staycation, our last one was in 2013 in Microtel MOA. Since the elder son had to attend a debut in Bellevue Hotel Alabang, we decided to check in--with no knowledge of how Bellevue handles their customer--at the hotel where the debut would be. That would save us from taking and getting him from the venue. But we had a pleasant surprise!


They have international buffet and so we feasted on Indian, Korean, Filipino, American, Japanese, European. I love that they have wine and cheese section and Filipino delicacies such as puto bumbong and bibingka!  The hotel even have two good restaurants: one Chinese and one Japanese.


... is impeccable! Initially, we planned on parking our car in the hotel cark park and just get a cab to go around the area. But when we asked the guards where to get the cabs or how to take that e-jeepney that we saw going around, he asked us if we were hotel guests. If so, then we have a van at our beck and call. Because of that shuttling to and from Festival Mall was really easy, which is a good thing as we were able to finish our Christmas shopping while on staycation!


Discovering their Vue Bar was really a treat. On our first night, and also our 18th wedding anniversary, Wizheart said that we would go up to to the Vue Bar after dinner. The elder son had a debut, while the younger son was wise enough to just stay in our room for his me-time, lol. So, we had an instant couple date of booze and dancing.


... is also just perfect for us. Comfy beds, nice bathroom and closet. The swimming pool area is also very strategic. At any time of the day, you won't get exposed to the sun. For those who are scared of the sun(rays), then it's perfect for you. For those who want to get a tan, there is actually a portion of space for you, too. What I like about their pool area are the comfy sofa chairs where you can just lounge around and read if you don't like to take a dip.


The hotel is located in the quiet area, even if it is surrounded by contact center companies. If you stay longer and would want to eat food other than hotel food, there is a small food strip in front of the hotel that you can go to. It has the usual suspectes: Starbucks, Jollibee, McDonald's, 7-11, and a few specialty restos.

It was our first time to stay in a Bellevue chain and we had a grand time. If you were to ask me if I would go back there again, my answer would a big YES!

See for yourself!


We at 18th! <3

Our biggest lesson as we turn 18 is to let go and let God. There are a lot of things that were unplanned, but given to us by the grace of the Lord. That makes it more special. 

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